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Antonio Zea, Florian Faion, and Uwe D. Hanebeck received the Best Paper Award of the "IEEE ISIF Workshop on Sensor Data Fusion: Trends, Solutions, Applications (SDF 2014), Bonn, Germany" for the paper Tracking Extended Objects using Extrusion Random Hypersurface Models. Certificate (PDF)

SDF 2014


During the "Computer Science Day" (Tag der Informatik) the class "Stochastische Informationsverarbeitung (WS 2013/14)" received the award for "best elective class" of the winter term 2013/14. Additionally, the class "Unscharfe Mengen (SS_2013)" and the tutorials of the classes "Lokalisierung mobiler Agenten (SS_2013)" and "Unscharfe Mengen (SS_2013)" received the award for "best elective class" and "best tutorial", respectively, of the summer term 2013.


Jörg Fischer successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation Optimal Sequence-Based Control of Networked Linear Systems. The thesis has been co-examined by Daniel Quevedo, University of Newcastle, AU Pictures


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